For people, for the market:
an overview of our brands

ROHA has offered a wide range of both new and proven preparations for decades – which are internationally successful marketed.

Just bee natural.

Our new beecraft® brand enriches ROHA’s impressive range of natural health products. The name beecraft speaks for itself: all of the natural ingredients come from the beehive.

Bekunis in the evening, relief in the morning.

The proven Bekunis laxatives act in a targeted and reliable way against constipation. There are various possibilities for effectively relieving constipation, depending on your individual needs. The Bekunis brand offers an extensive range that includes the right product for every requirement.

Natural assistance.

The Sanhelios traditional brand has stood for a variety of natural solutions to health problems for over 60 years. In this process, efficacy and safety are equally important.

Nature at its best.

Bakanasan – the health food brand for high quality medicinal products and valuable health products. Carefully made and tested in Germany. For nearly 60 years, the Bakanasan brand has stood for valuable medicinal products and health products of the highest quality. An important basis for the development of high quality products: the combination of traditional knowledge of the healing properties of plants and natural substances with recent scientific discoveries.