About us

The roha company philosophy

Progressive? Of course! 

In terms of longevity, sustainability, economics, or progressiveness: in these areas (as in the most important areas), nature always proves to be the best teacher. A conviction that has always defined thoughts and … read more..

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Seven principles that shape our company:

We develop, produce and distribute naturally-based preparations in accordance with the international pharmaceutical standard.

We offer brand quality. That means: intensively and closely checked products at a consistently high level … read more..

Made in Germany

Made in Bremen/Germany

“Made in Germany” – a label with iconic status that has developed enormous international appeal for decades. For products from almost all sectors, Germany as the country of origin is regarded as a guarantee of the highest … read more..

Production from A-Z

Highly productive

Despite the attractive packaging, you cannot see everything that is in roha products. This concerns not only the curative effect, but also the numerous steps of production and processing: starting with the storage and testing of raw materials, … read more..

Company group

The company group – a healthy mix

The following companies belong to the company group:

roha arzneimittel GmbH, Bremen

Founded in 1919, preparations for self-medication and health prevention have been developed, manufactured and marketed at roha from the very beginning.

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