Healthy accuracy – order analytics

Customers, legislators, markets and, last but not least, you as a producer demand the best from medicinal products, dietary supplements and cosmetics. We provide you with the analytical equipment, methods and manpower you need for quality-ensured testing of the raw material (chemical or plant-based) right up until the finished product. roha customers benefit from our decades of experience in phytopharmaceutics and extensive analytics. These include:

  • Identity checks
  • Content determinations
  • Release checks
  • Disintegration time tests
  • Determination of friability and fracture strength
  • Microbiological tests.

What we can also do for you:

Method development, method validation and method transfer and stability tests.

Safety from A to Z

All identity, purity and content determinations are in accordance with the requirements of the pharmacopoeias, the specifications of our customers and internal regulations on validated methods.

roha employees monitor the entire production process during quality management. They provide highly accurate results and compliance with the international rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The following analytical methods are available at roha:

  • HPLC with UV/VIS detector or DAD
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometry
  • FTIR spectroscopy
  • Thin-layer chromotography
  • Karl Fischer titrations
  • Determination of all physico-chemical parameters
  • Microbiological tests according to the pharmacopoeia


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